About Us

About Us

Weifang City Huateng Plastic Products Co.,Ltd., possessing perfect production, R&D and sales abilities is leading national and international markets. Our range including Drainage Board Channel Drain Sheet, Plastic Grass Paver Grid, PP and PET Nonwoven Geotextile, etc., is massively known for supreme quality. Our big-scale plastic processing business entity is trusted by customers for its innovative approach. With the support of scientific policy-making system and modern management mechanism, our internationally famous company has strengthened its position in immensely competitive market conditions. 

We as a manufacturer commenced operating years back as a small business entity. However, with constant improvement in designing, development, production and in diverse areas, we have transformed ourselves into a middle-sized company. We have enhanced our working with more investment in human and capital resources. Owning workshops that covers an area of around 8,000 square meters, our company works with various colleges and educational institutions for quality product development. 

Our company has the support of innovative machines and tools, our main unit comprises 600 to 1,000 gram injection molding machines along with quality based plastic plate line of production. Our molding lines find usage in excellently processing agricultural machine parts and plastic automotive parts while our plate line hold the capacity of processing sheets in PP, ABS, PE and other materials. 

We have recently started producing a line of quality based synthetic construction materials. Our company has designed various kinds of composite geo-cell products that are suited for applications in earthwork building. We take pride in serving series that prove to be supreme as compared to other commonly utilized earthwork fabrics, grills, netting and membranes. 

How are We Growing?

Pursuing aim of Superior product quality and high economic efficiency, we work hard to continuously achieve progress and development. Quality manufacturing approach makes our brand known for top-quality. At present, we are producing around 3,000 to 4,000 metric tons of products each year, our annual turnover is around RMB6 million. We work for opportunities in new markets by relying on our technical strength, continual R&D and stringent product testing. With the support of Mr. Wanhua Zhao, who is our knowledgeable Chairman and General Manager, company performs excellently and moves ahead in competition

Promising Reasons to Rely on Us

  • We stringently test range that consists of Plastic Grass Paver Grid, Drainage Board Channel Drain Sheet, etc., to serve our buyers solely right quality products.
  • Our companyvalues opinions of clients and ask their genuine feedback.
  • We keep our research strong about latest requirements of customers so as to perform impressively in the competitive market environment. 

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Contact Us

Zhifang Township, Linqu Country,, Weifang, Shandong, 262600, China
Phone :+8613853622418